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The Political Economy of (Un)Sustainable Production and Consumption: A Multidisciplinary Synthesis for Research and Action

10 November 2020

Source: Resources, Conservation and Recycling

Authors: Manu V. Mathai, Cindy Isenhour, Dimitris Stevis, Philip Vergragt, Magnus Bengtsson, Sylvia Lorek, Lars Fogh Mortensen, Luca Coscieme, David Scott, Ambreen Waheed, Eva Alfredsson

Keywords: Power, Political economy, Global inequality, Environmental justice, Environmental governance, Sustainable consumption and production


  • Persistent and uneven growth in global resource use and socio-ecological degradation
  • More effective responses needed to make production-consumption systems sustainable
  • Existing literature suggests political economic drivers and required responses
  • Structural political economy orientation to production-consumption systems proposed
  • Posits research agenda on justice, governance, co-production of knowledge and actionResources, Conservation and Recycling