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Changing of the guard: A paradigm shift for more sustainable supply chains

Source: Resources, Conservation and Recycling

Authors: Joe Sarkis, Paul Dewick, Joerg Hofstetter and Patrick Schröder


This perspective paper is motivated by emerging European Union (EU) regulations related to making supply chain due diligence the responsibility of firms doing business in the EU.  That is, penalties and fines for EU based organizations who have poor or illegal environmental or social practices occurring anywhere in an organization’s supply chain.  This is a ‘changing of the guard’ since previous monitoring of the supply chain was voluntary and industry-led, a neoliberal construct.   The perspective identifies a number of research questions emerging from these new regulatory schemes. These research questions are especially pertinent to sustainable supply chain and circular economy practices.  It is expected that such supply chain oriented regulations may become more common internationally.

SSCP KAN Working Group(s):
Circular Economy