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11 May 2021: Webinar: Global Sustainable Futures: Progress through Partnerships

Date: Tuesday 11 May 2021

Time: 13.00h CET (Brussels) – 12.00h (UTC) – 21.00h (Japan) – 7.00h (New York) – 17.30 (India) -14.00h South Africa – 07.00h (Peru)

Join here:  (Or Join through: Zoom Meeting ID: 990 2063 4802, Passcode: None)

The intent of the webinar is to introduce a new working group that has an objective of working for global sustainable futures progress through partnerships. We believe that the awareness, production of knowledge, knowledge transfer between Global North and Global South for global sustainable futures is global agenda, critical, and significantly important. Yet, this stands in contrast to the limited success of realizing social change in directions suggested by the knowledge needed for the Global Sustainable Futures. The working group is a modest effort to bridge this gap. We seek to invite and engage interlocutors whose work tries to bridge these worlds and grapple with the complexity of bringing about social change and tie in our sustainable futures actions and policies.

This working group is the first, focusing on academia – society interaction. In the first introductory meeting on the 11 May, we will present objectives and activities and discuss how the GSF PtP can inspire and enable more active interaction. We are inviting all stakeholders to engage and plan collaborative activities and develop joint projects. We will also provide an update on current projects that are suitable for such collaborative activities.

Organised by: Dr Renuka Thakore (Future Earth SSCP KAN)

This webinar is hosted by Working Group on the Global Sustainable Futures under the Future Earth Knowledge and Action Network on Systems of Sustainable Consumption and Production.

You can download the webinar program from here.