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Mostafa El Feki

Director, Bibliotheca Alexandrina; Member, Future Earth Regional Center Advisory Committee

Dr. Mostafa El Feki is a highly skilled diplomat with extensive experience in the political and cultural fields garnered from a prolific career in the international arena. Dr. El Feki has held numerous positions within the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He has also served as First Assistant to the Egyptian Foreign Minister for Arab and Middle East Affairs, Permanent Representative of Egypt to the League of Arab States and Governor of Egypt at International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). On the national front, Dr. El Feki has served as Secretary of Information and Follow-up to the President of Egypt and Head of the Bureau of Information and Follow-up for the Egyptian Presidency. In addition, Dr. El Feki has served as a Member of the Egyptian Parliament with positions in several parliamentary commissions. Throughout his career, Dr. El Feki has made broad-based contributions to society as a literary scholar, intellectual, historian, writer and educator. In contributing to life-long learning, over the years Dr. El Feki has lectured at some of the most reputable universities, research institutions and cultural centers in Egypt and abroad. Dr. El Feki has been honored by the Egyptian government with several medals, including the Order of the Nile in Social Science (2010), the State Merit Prize in Social Science (2003), and the State Incentive Prize in Political Science (1993). Among the international honors bestowed on Dr. El Feki are the Civil Service Order of Merit from the Kingdom of Spain (1985), the Commander Degree National Honor of Merit from the Republic of France (1989), and the Silver Cross High Honor from the Republic of Austria (2001).

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