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Yuko Onishi

Science Officer

Yuko Onishi is an assistant professor at Research Institute for Humanity and Nature. She holds a D.Phil and MSc from the University of Oxford. Her primary research interests are centred around modelling of phenology and species distributions, climate change impact and adaptation, and conservation of endangered species. She worked for the IPBES Regional Assessment for Asia-Pacific as a lead author and also for the Fifth Assessment Report of IPCC WG II as a chapter scientist. Prior to her research career, she worked as an UN officer with the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations in Rome. Recently, she has also been working extensively on transdisciplinary approach and stakeholder engagement methodology. She developed a Strategic Research Agenda for Future Earth in Japan through transdisciplinary priority setting. She is currently leading a research project on “Synthesis, Analysis, and Typology of TD case studies aiming at solving the global environmental problems”, where she is developing a database for case studies of TD research projects worldwide and analysing the international and regional trends of the research field for a typology.

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