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22 April 2021: Earth Day Webinar: Reimagining education amidst Covid19 for sustainable development and beyond
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22 April 2021: Earth Day Webinar: Reimagining education amidst Covid19 for sustainable development and beyond

Date: April 22, 2021

Date: Thursday 22 April 2021

Time: 8am PST – 5pm CAT – 3pm CET
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The Earth Day (International Mother Earth Day) is an annual celebration that raises public consciousness about the health of our planet’s environment. The first celebration of the Earth Day (International Mother Earth Day) in 1970 was marked with global outrage over oil spills, smogs and polluted rivers. A half-century later, the world is confronted with equally dire environmental crises. This 50th anniversary, intersects with the twin impact of climate change and the coronavirus pandemic. It is thus necessary to harness opportunities towards a post-pandemic recovery and “build back better.” Education is vital tool in this regard as it cuts across all dimensions of sustainability. However, education is an intersectional practice that requires reimagination and change to promote sustainable futures. As the world commences the final decade of action, this webinar explores how transforming education can serve as a vehicle towards sustainable futures.

Confirmed speakers:

Dist. Prof Heila Lotz- Sisitka : SARChI Chair in Global Change and Social Learning Systems (Rhodes University, South Africa)

Dr Victor Squires: Distinguished Guest Professor in the Institute of Desertification Studies, Beijing.  former Dean of the Faculty of Natural Resources at The University of Adelaide

Dr Presha Ramsarup: Director of the Centre for Researching Education and Labour, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg

Prof Jose Esteves: Professor in Innovation for Sustainable Organizations at PPAD/PUCPR Pontificia Catholic University of Parana State, Brazil

The event is organized in partnership with the Future Earth Regional Office for Southern Africa (FEROSA)

Register in advance for this meeting:

Please register with Felix Donkor if you want the copy of the recording/PowerPoint slides.

You can download the webinar flyer from here.

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